As a health insurance consultant, I help consumers and Medicare beneficiaries navigate their medical insurance options. The great satisfaction I receive from helping others and providing this service over the past 10 years has allow me the gain so much experience and knowledge about the insurance industry as well as other government and state programs that work alongside insurance companies such as the ACA, SHOP and the Social Security Administration medicare savings program and extra help.

I’ve been licensed in 47 states and I am appointed with every major Health Insurance company. My experience and qualifications allow me to successfully find my clients the best option that suits their specific needs. The insurance industry is forever changing and evolving and therefore can be overwhelming for the average person to navigate. If there is one thing I can promise, it is that my client’s best interest will always come first. As your Health Insurance consultant, I will help you choose a health insurance plan that will ensure that your needs are met such as;

  • Making sure you are aware of all the options available from the insurance industry.
  • Making sure your preferred medical facilities, Doctors, Hospitals, Procedures are in Network.
  • Making sure your prescription drugs are covered under your plan at the best cost savings.
  • Making sure your premium is the most affordable at the best possible coverage.
  • Making sure you understand your coverage details i.e. Deductible, Out of Pocket Max, Coinsurance, Copays, and deciphering between HMO, PPO, EPO and POS networks.
  • Look at additional coverage options such as Vision, Dental, Critical illness, Long term care, Short term care and Accident insurance.
  • For Medicare beneficiaries, discerning between Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescriptions Drug plans and the benefits.
  • Making sure that you are aware of any state and federal programs that provide extra help, cost reductions and tax credits for eligible individuals.